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Boarding & Daycare

At the BARK Barn on Main, your puppy will have plenty of LOVE and FUN!

dog daycare, Bark Barn, pamper
Doggie Daycare

  • All areas under recorded video surveillance 

  • Climate controlled 

  • indoor and outdoor play area

  • Over-sized kennels used for overnight boarding, feeding and quiet time only

  • TV in playroom and classical music for sleep

  • Constant supervision and socialization 

  • LOTS OF BELLY RUBS AND LOVE during daily "QT." Individual Quality time includes belly rubbing, ear scratching, sitting in a caregiver's lap or whatever your pet loves the most!!!

We recommend that you bring your dogs' food to keep their tummies happy. We are happy to administer medications at no additional charge. If your dog has special needs, please let us know and we will do our best to make accommodations. Dogs of all shapes, sizes under 30 lbs and ages are invited to play as long as their vaccinations  for Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella are current.

We do not accept aggressive dogs.


Daycare Hours 7am-6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

DAYCARE closed on the following holidays and weekends below:

May 29, Monday, Memorial Day

July 4, Tuesday, Independence Day

September 4, Monday, Labor Day

November 23, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

December 25, Monday, Christmas Day

Daycare $15 a day

Weekly Special (4 days) $50 per dog

dog daycare, Bark Barn, pamper

The BARK Barn on Main will be CLOSED during the following weeks 2023 for DAYCARE and BOARDING:

January 18 thru 22     (Wednesday – Sunday) 

February 13 thru 19   (Monday – Sunday)

March 15 thru 19        (Wednesday – Sunday)

April 19 thru 23           (Wednesday – Sunday)

May 17 thru 21            (Wednesday – Sunday)

June 14 thru 18            (Wednesday – Sunday)

July 19 thru 23             (Wednesday – Sunday)

August 16 thru 20       (Wednesday – Sunday)

September 20 thru 24   (Wednesday – Sunday) 

October 18 thru 22        (Wednesday – Sunday)

November 15 thru 19    (Wednesday – Sunday)

December 13 thru 17    (Wednesday – Sunday)  


Have your precious pup enjoy

the BARK BARN over night!

Travel with peace of mind knowing they will receive the same care and affection while you are away, as they receive at doggie daycare. 

Boarding is available 7 days a week. Weekend Pickup is Saturday from 9-10am and Sunday 4-6pm.

Boarding $16

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